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New learning therapy for stroke patients which gives you at least twice as much success as standard therapies, and works even in hopeless cases.

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Due to great medical progress, life expectancy has risen impressively in the course of the past 100 years. Thus, a greater focus than ever is on diseases that primarily occur in middle to old age. Arteriolosclerosis, or arteriosclerosis respectively, progresses for years, or even decades, without being noticed by the affected person. But theoretically, an apoplexy can happen to anyone from the newborn to the old man- since an apoplexy is not necessarily only an "old-age" disease. Half of the persons affected are at an economically active age, an estimated ten percent of them are even below forty years old. But it is also true that the risk of suffering from an apoplexy is growing with increasing age.

Particularly at risk are persons who show a number of risk factors that favor the occurrence of an apoplexy. Among those are mainly high blood pressure, lipopathy, diabetes mellitus, alcohol, nicotine, lack of exercise, malnutrition and overweight. Persons with a history of apoplexy in the family are also at risk as the predisposition to apoplexy is hereditary. This is why persons showing one or more of the above risk factors should make a special effort at reducing these factors and starting an active prevention of apoplexy. Should an apoplexy occur all the same, the intense and hitherto most efficient GIGER MD Therapy should be started immediately in order to recover as many of the lost neurological functions as possible.


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